Tuesday, May 27, 2014

discussion topic

The age at which you can legally drive varies from state to state. Ranging anywhere from 21 to 16. There is a HUGE maturity difference between those ages from just the general knowledge of knowing how a motor vehicle like that works and just how dangerous they can really be. There are many states that have been considering moving the legal age you can drive up to 18, or even 21. Mostly because they don't think 16 year old "children" are capable of having the responsibility of driving alone.

       Some people say they would like the legal driving age to be raised to 18 because teenagers do not understand quite yet how fragile life is and that it could be gone in the blink of an eye. Or that teenagers in general are reckless and giving them the option to drive, they will take it so they can show off or impress people and be reckless and some fear that teens are less likely to pay attention to the road, and more likely to have their eyes on their cell phones or distracted by other things because again, we aren't fully understanding of how dangerous it really can be.

    Others have said that they wish to keep the legal driving age at 16 because we need to learn how to drive sometime and 16 seems like a logical age to begin on our own. I really haven't found any other reasonable opinions on keeping legal driving the same.

USAToday took a poll on rising driving age and they found that:
 61% said 16 years old is too young
 37% thought 16 was an ok age to get your license
another 53% said that you should have to be at least 18 to get a license.

 I did find one article from New York Times that I really found interesting. It says "All 50 states prohibit 16-year-olds from drinking alcohol, buying cigarettes, and purchasing hand guns. Yet somehow most states are willing to put them in charge of a car, which could potentially be a deadly weapon." I like what that's saying because I 100% agree. I think that most teens are ready and responsible enough to be given the privilege of driving; but the handful of kids who aren't responsible and are reckless ruin it for the rest of the teens. I also feel like just as many adults get in crashes as teenagers do, but because were younger we are picked on more so teen crashes are brought to more attention than adults who crash.

(New York Times article)



  • do you think the legal age to get your license should be raised to 18 or stay at 16?
  • do you think the death rate would decrease if the age was raised to 18? 
  • would you feel safer on the roads if it was raised?

Friday, May 16, 2014

$@t!r3 (satire)

Starting this unit I wasn't quite sure that I was going to like it. It just kind of seemed like a boring unit. But it wasn't at all; I actually really enjoyed this unit mainly because the things people came up with I thought, were really clever and cool looking. I actually spent a lot of time just looking online at pictures of satire for my own enjoyment I find it really fun and interesting because basically the pictures are just twisted around. 
I really like this satire picture because what its doing is basically telling you what the average American looks like. Obviously not all but thats pretty much what us Americans have been labeled as. Fat and lazy. The cameras are saying how were are watched by the government and such. It says all the s*** we are putting into our bodies without knowing it. I just find this one really interesting because this is how we are labeled and it actually describes our nation. We really only care about the food, our government and protection.

I actually am not surprised that only 10% of teenagers are interested in the news and the other 90% don't care or whatever they think. The news doesn't really have that big of an effect on teenagers. Like the politics and all that like we don't really need to pay attention to it cause we have no say in it and it doesn't affect us. I think that kids say that news is presented poorly because it isn't bright and colorful and eye catching. Its straight to the point and frankly,  a lot of it is pretty dull. I personally dont think the news is presented poorly but I believe that my generation is used to things being bright and eye catching if its important so if something isn't like that some will automatically think "oh it isn't important"

I don't really think fake news is any more important than regularly true news, but I could see why people would want to do it. It gets people fired up and gets a lot of attention from people thinking its true and people trying to convince others that its false news. People will also check other news sources to see if they have the same thing to see if its true or if one place is just making it up  to get attention.

a couple satire pictures I found interesting/ funny

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

who creates your reality?

I think the job of a reader is to give feedback on what they read. whether they like it or not and what the public thinks as a whole. People won't continue to read the paper or magazines or anything if they don't like what its saying, or they're not saying enough about what's going on around us in the world because thats their job is to tell us what's going on around us, inform us and share the gossip with us. I think traditional media has a big roll still. More so that the "older people" are into the traditional media because thats how they grew up and thats what they're used to. There are positives and negatives to online media versus traditional media. I feel like a lot of people who would rather use traditional media is because they think traditional media does not lie. Some internet media is known of telling things that aren't the full truth so people don't get told everything they should. As where traditional media like the actual newspaper doesn't have that rep of lying. They are known of telling the whole truth and the factual things. I think that when i'm out of college theres a really big chance i'll subscribe to a daily newspaper. I feel like once you get older you become more and more aware of what's going on and you're paying your own bills and voting and you need to know what's going on and such so more adults are to purchase a newspaper subscription or something like that, to keep updated on what's going on around  you in the world. So yes, i think i will subscribe to a newspaper. I think there is actually a big danger with people who only decide to listen to the media that interests them. because most of the time the things that interest people are the things that are least important.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Well, I've always liked the news to an extent, I like most news, except the news about politics. Its just so boring to me. I think everyone has their own definition of news depending on what kind of news they watch and their attitude towards it; but I really feel like the people define the news. Not one specific person but everyone who watches it, and the feedback they give about it.

               recently we did this little project where we picked a news station and I chose to do http://www.today.com/?_r=1. Everyday when we got to class we would check our site, type notes on it on our computers about if it had changed from the day before and such. I took a screen capture of mine everyday so I could visually see the changes the website made everyday. My site changed its layout once, the top story of the day is the bigger picture box and small text excerpt under describing it. All the others are just a little smaller and larger text outside in a different box.  I actually really enjoyed doing this project because I had to check the news everyday and so I actually knew what was going on around the world and I felt pretty cool knowing most the facts and more about it than a lot of people when they would just mention something from the news.

             I think theres so many news sources because not everyone wants to hear all the same news. Some people may just want the juicy gossip news so they would watch TMZ for example. Some people may only care about hearing the news in their area, close to them so they would watch their local news channel. Every news station is different, but at the same time all of them share the same breaking news that happens everyday or whenever theres breaking news around the world. Some stations have like little cooking segments or fashion snippets or something like that. I know that during the holidays that Today Show does segments on what your kids might like for christmas or what to get your significant other for valentine's day. Gift Guide and ideas stuff like that and they get really good feedback so thats why they keep it up because people enjoy hearing the new trends and up to date toys and all that.

      I believe that being updated with the news is a good thing, I don't really think you're worse off knowing what's on the news. For adults I think its good for them to be aware of what's going on around them and the politics and all of that. I do think that its different for teenagers and children. I think that there should be a limit for what children can and can't see and same for teenagers; but a little more freedom of what teenagers can see.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Because i've never used Indesign previously to this, I learned a lot about the site in the time we used it. When we used Indesign I realized you don't have to be really artistic or anything to be able to design a page or design anything. You can literally create anything you want, the way you want it created.

This is my design before, and we were told to just make something simple and easy (for those of us who hadn't used Indesign before) so thats what I did. I got the idea to do the 5 slimer boxes on top from the Hoofprint newspaper that they do to kind of show a preview of each of the stories that are featured. the smaller text under the pictures is kind of like the headline before the story begins.The two pictures under the text are just extra to look at and get the idea and stuff. I decided to do the text box in the middle of the page because I know for me, I get drawn to the middle of the page and If I see a text box I just automatically start reading then my eyes will wander to the top or bottom of the page. 


My after design isnt that different from the original one I made. I didn't change that much, but the columns instead of straight across and the graph instead of other pictures on the bottom. I decided to change to the columns because I personally thought they looked better and more put together and organized. I changed to a graph because after thinking, I think people would get the just of it from the 5 pictures at the top, and there was just too much extra space even with the two pictures at the bottom and it could have been used for something more useful and something that filled up the page better. I decided to go with a graph because 1, it was colorful and my page needed something more colorful to brighten it up and make it look interesting and draw more eyes. 2ed I just felt like it was a good thing to put there and people would be interested in it maybe??? it could be factual. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Future

Throughout watching all the 'newspaper' presentations, I've come to the conclusion that everyone has different opinions on what newspaper is. Since day one, newspapers have been changing a little bit each and everyday. Some of the more drastic changes have been that newspapers are being put on the internet. So, you don't have to wait till Sunday morning to get your mail and read the newspaper about whats been going on the past week. Instead, you can just hop on the computer or cell phone and read up on the most recent news. I'm a little bit excited to see what more changes they are coming up with for newspapers and if, and how it will effect us.

My favorite presentation that we watched was the the group who had created the phone/ tablet. It wasn't an app, it was a whole tablet designed mainly for news. I like that idea because there are people out there that are more dedicated to getting their news than others and it's a perfect thing for them.

I think the job of a journalist is changing because the demand for news keeps increasing. People want more news more and more to have something to talk about, so they depend on the news. 

Our presentation was an app called NewPaper. It's basically a news app but one of the main features on this app is the story generator. The story generator has a bunch of topics of news that you can pick from, and based on what you pick to read, it generates all sorts of stories in that genera.

Journey to France

I'm pretty close to my Aunt Patrice, and whenever I'm with her she always tells me crazy stories from her childhood and everything, but this one was by far my favorite.  "Ever since I was little, I've been the kind of person who likes order, who likes to be in control, and being the middle child of 12 brothers and sisters that rarely, if ever happened. When I was 15 years old, almost 16, I had had enough of the fighting, baby's screaming, and I was ready to be independent and on my own. I had a nanny job that kept me pretty busy and worked wherever I could.  I had received scholarships to woman's colleges all over, but my mom had shut me down and said "no" every time. She thought I needed to be home and help out." Patrice said "I had been very close with my sister who was already moved out and married. She told me about one of her friends who lived in France and was in need of help mandating the hotel her and her husband owned and needed a nanny for their 2 year old girl. I had 3 things I wanted to accomplish in my life, to study French, graduate with a diploma, and be a lawyer. I instantly knew I wanted to do it. So, I wrote the woman, ( her name was Mary) about how I heard that they needed help and I would love to help them out. we wrote back and fourth a couple times with here saying they would love for me to come out and we set up a date and time for me to go. I had gotten my passport and one way plane ticket to Paris and was all ready to go. A couple days before I was going to leave I sat my parents down and told them what I was going to do. My mother was shocked, she couldn't believe it. She got very upset with me and didn't even talk to me, so I asked my dad if he would take me to the airport and he agreed (even though my mom wasn't very happy with it.)
"I had stopped in Iceland for a layover, then to France, Paris. When I landed I had to make my way through, and out of the airport by myself and find the hotel. When I got there they seemed very excited to have me and I was overly excited to be there myself. I stayed in a room probably no bigger than your bathroom. I had a bed in my room and a little Armour for my clothes. I had to use the bathroom that all the guests used but I didn't care. Every morning I would make breakfast for the girl, then in the afternoons I would attend a school that other Americans went to, to learn more about French. Then go home and do whatever needed to be done for the hotel."
 "One day when I was walking home from my afternoon classes, I noticed a man following me. I got kind of creeped out and I think he noticed because he sped up to me and said "I'm sorry miss. Please don't be creeped out by me" we continued to talk for a little while and I found out he was from Iran. Trying to flee his country, because during the time I was there, Iran was having a very hard time. At the end, he asked me to marry him. So he could become a citizen here and be safe....I said no and ran away as fast as I could."
"I did so many fun things there, toured Paris, went to the fashion shows and so much more. I has been there for almost a year, and my mother sent me a letter saying I needed to come home and finish school and see my family. I stayed an entire year then went home. I missed my junior year in school so I had to study extra hard and take extra classes to graduate with my class. And I did it. It was a pretty bold thing I did, but I do not regret doing it at all I had the time of my life. Now being a mother I don't think I would want my girls to do it because I realize how dangerous it actually is."